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Apologies for not updating more regularly, but better late than never.  I am working on a new book, similar to CSD, THEORY is a piece that was born out of a spec television pilot.  The project is a love story at it’s heart, but it’s also a battle between struggling entities, perhaps a metaphor for internal struggles that we all experience as we walk through life.  The work is going slower than I would hope for, but I am hoping to have a completed draft in a few months.

In the mean time, I do periodic giveaways of 404 and CSD on the Goodreads site.  It’s a great community for readers if you haven’t experienced it.

The other project that was completed the last year was a screenplay called RIVER of DOUBT.  It is the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s last great adventure after he lost a bid to regain the Presidency.  It is a wild tale, and all true.

I will try and keep up more frequently for those who are interested.

MARCH 2019

News & Events

404 is in a final round of edits and will be on the road to release in both Kindle and Paperback versions soon.
The literary site, Goodreads, is doing a giveaway of the Kindle version of City-State Dark. My understanding is that there are one hundred digital copies to be distributed and one may request a copy. At the end of the giveaway, in April they deliver the copies to the “winners.” Here is the link:

There was also another review of the book from Indie Reader. That link is:

In the mean time, I plan on returning to writing a state play, and after I have plans on writing the novelized version of THEORY.

There is a teaser cover of the 404, let me know what you think!

March 2018

News and Events

As I had hoped the latest CARLOS novel SNAP, now called 404, has a completed draft.  It’s a shorter, lighter book than CSD I have returned in a small way to my surrealist roots with a side order of existentialism in there for good measure.  404 will be published under the Machiavelli banner.  My guess is that it will drop late Spring or early Summer.

For anyone that bought an early copy of CSD there is a second edition now.  I found a lot of things I was’t happy with ergo the update.  I think it is a much tighter version.

Here is the tentative back cover blurb: Luke Shepard is at a crossroads.  He is questioning his life choices to date, and wondering where it all leads.  Shep’s days are becoming monotonous, working as a personal trainer has served it’s purpose, but has it run it’s course?  To top that off, Luke is a serial dater, never lasting too long with any one woman.  He is having a true existential crisis.  He has lived in the same town his whole life, and although he has his family and two best friends as ballast, he still is questioning his plot course.

Shep jumps feet first down the rabbit hole when life tosses him a relentless diet of curveballs.  Luke’s journey veers way off the beaten path, as he struggles to find his meaning and purpose to life.

404 is an existential, surrealist tale.

That is all I have for now, although I am thinking about writing a stage play.  The idea is marinating in my mind.

CARLOS Jan 2018

News and Events

CSD is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions and it has it’s first review!

If you want to check it out please do, or if you want to drop a review of your own on Amazon, that would be awesome.
The latest project is another novel, tentatively called SNAP, it is about a personal trainer who’s world spins out of control. It is an examination as to how we react when life happens fast and hard. I am hoping to have a cogent draft by early 2018.


News & Events

CITY-STATE DARK is now available in paperback on Amazon and other booksellers.  I am told that the Kindle version will be available by August 22nd if not sooner.  Please feel free to buy them out of stock!

CSD was a massive challenge, and I am glad to finally have it available.  I am working on a new project that got sort of stopped and started as the publishing process was in the works.  This is Machiavelli Productions first book!  The other two pieces were published elsewhere, and I have a new found appreciation as to those publishers made things very easy, but I wouldn’t change the experience of working with Create Space at Amazon.

Please feel free to view the author page on Amazon.

I will now return my total focus into getting the next Carlos novel to you ASAP.

Thanks again for your interest in Machiavelli Productions LLC.

August 14, 2017

News & Events (Yeah, Just News)

There is a cogent draft of CSD that is being prepped for publishing. It will be released under the Machiavelli banner. It was new writing experience, well at least different for Water on the Moon. CSD is much heavier in subject matter, and when I think about all the allegory it weighs on me more than the yarn type story telling in Water.

I don’t know exactly when the release date is, but I am hoping for later this year. The rewriting process can be lengthy as one works and can lose track of the material. It was so interesting to create around the original architecture that existed when CSD was in TV series form. That said, I think it plays visually and I cannot wait for people to read it and weigh in.

I have decided for now that writing novels is what I will be focusing on for the foreseeable future. Circumstances make that the most viable choice at the moment, but I do harbor hopes of getting some material on TV, it is such a magnificent palate these days.

That is it for now. Thank you for your interest in Machiavelli Productions.


APRIL 2017

News and Events June 2016

Again apologies are in order for those of you who stick with the site hoping for updates.
I went on Amazon, and it seems Short Attention Span Stories is still for sale. I also noticed that someone else wrote a collection by the same moniker, great minds…also somewhat amusing is that there are two other novels called Water on the Moon. Perhaps book titles need to be more carefully considered?

The next book is called CSD(City-State Dark) and so far no one that lists on Amazon
has taken that yet, maybe as soon as I publish…

If the name CSD sounds familiar, it should. It was an allegory written as a television
series and follows two sides of a war for the not so distant future, water challenged island of Manhattan run by a bunch of manipulative pricks who have made the city onto a City-State. Naturally there is a rag tag bunch of characters who fight the system. CSD is still in its first incarnation, although hopefully the first draft will be completed post haste.

One project that is still active is THEORY which is a television pilot. There are some
teaser pages on the site that include the cold open. Have a read if you like.

Once again we will try to update more often or when time allows. Thanks again for the
interest in the site and the work it promotes.


Keeping the site updated as been a challenge. I am sorry for that and hopefully will have someone help me maintain updates more current than once per year.

There are some new Teaser pages for Theory, which was completely overhauled. This indicates the new opening sequences. I have also decided to add an occasional pitch idea on a limited, trial basis. The one posted is WARBIRDS. Have a read.

SHORT ATTENTION SPAN STORIES the book that was published in 2004 is now unavailable as far as I know and the same may soon be true for WATER ON THE MOON. A new book may be in order soon, dreams of being novelist(or a successful one) have not left the building entirely. Truth be told, novels are a major drain both in time and emotion. Getting a cable series on has been priority one, but it’s been five years since MOON was published so perhaps it is time for another go.

July 30, 2014

The site has been updated a bit to include more recent projects.  Many of the older SAS stories have been removed and currently there are only two stories available, neither of which are actually SAS stories.  The fact is that those stories were written the better part of a decade ago and no longer feel emblematic.  The book is available on Amazon and while those are a only a select few of the many that were written, those were the ones that were singled out for publication.