Thanks for visiting the Machiavelli Productions site.  There is a new feature to check out which is the Teaser Pages section.  Initially there will be 2 film samples and two TV samples.  WAITING and THE ROOM are the two film pieces while THEORY and CSD(CITY-STATE DARK) are television pages.  There are completed drafts of these pieces for industry folks who have enjoyed the teasers and want more.

There is a new project that is being worked out tentatively called WARBIRDS. It is in development and we hope to have a synopsis/log line or both available for pitch.

In the mean time enjoy what we do have posted and be on the look out for more!

News and Events December 2013

Welcome to the revamped MACHIAVELLI PRODUCTIONS site. It was time for a digital make over and so here it is. There are a few things going on between film and television. The most developed project is an adaptation of a National Book Award winner, I can’t list that piece here as the rights are being negotiated. I can say it is a wonderful piece that will be shopped once the rights are in place. A solid draft of the screenplay is completed.

“The Room,” finally is done, well at least a draft is done. It took a long time to solve the story, which unfolds as five strangers are trapped in a room with no idea who they are or how they got there. The screenplay is in rewrites.

“Theory” is the lone Television venture. There is a pilot episode, but it is an early draft and will undoubtedly need more polishing before it is shopped.

There is also a Documentary in the works that follows the life and work of painter. We are working on logistics and financial limits. I hope to post some video footage at some point.

That being said we apologize for not having posted for some time, there are periods when dropping off the map is a necessary part in the process, at least from a writer’s POV


Published Novels

There is a lot going on. “Water on the Moon,” my first novel, is coming out sometime in the spring. I have no release date yet, but it is going through the publication process. I will post a release date when it becomes available. There is also talk of adding “Short Attention Span Stories” to the digital book shelf, primarily Kindle.

I have dumped two previously mentioned screen projects: “Invested,” which is about a professor of history at Yeshiva University who gets caught up in a Madoff type Ponzi scheme. It seems to be a hot topic, and I have first hand knowledge of the fraud, but after seeing the television show “Damages,” I started to hate the idea even though I was telling the story from a victim’s POV. I just felt the whole incident was saturated by the media and left me feeling such a project was not desirable. The second project that I canned is called “Edgewater.” It follows the life of a former Nave Seal who is struggling without the thrill of battle, and has difficulties in the secular world. He is recruited by a Blackwater type company, and is eventually involved in a dicey incident in Iraq. I liked the piece, but the Iraq centered films have been big box office flops, and it seemed to deal with similar issues as “Hurt Locker.” I wasn’t going to out do this piece.

The latest project is called “The Room.” It is a low budget, high concept piece. I am hoping thatI can pull it off, but as of now, it is a work in progress. I am adding a new “Short Attention Span Story” to the site. It is called 2010, and was originally written for “Esquire.” It was the first time in a long time I had written in the genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself doing it. I am adding it on so hopefully you can too.

Water on the Moon

I have just finished a new novel entitled Water on the Moon. It will, in all likelihood come out before Herd Instinct, due to changes the publisher wanted. I do not have the release dates for either project, but they are both a go, so I look forward to having you read them. While I deal with the nitpicking of the editing process, I am starting a new film project. I am very excited about this new piece, but am not allowed to talk about at this moment. I will tell you this, it is a political thriller. I seem to be gravitating towards such projects. “Invested” and “Edgewater” are indeed similar genres. What can I say?I try to give the producers what they ask for.

Twenty Ten

Welcome to Machiavelli Productions! Once again, I have proven tardy on getting updates to the site. Well, here you go! I just finished a short story for Esquire called “Twenty Ten.” I have no idea when it will be published. My book, Herd Instinct will becoming out next year some time. When I get the date, I will let everyone know. The editing process is a brutal one, and definitely my least favorite aspect of being writer. Mostly,I like to make up the stories, get paid, and be lazy for a spell. Anyway, I am shopping a few treatments on projects I have mentioned before, and some that I haven’t. There are two out there making the rounds: “Edgewater,” which I have mentioned before, and “Invested,” which I haven’t. I’m still developing both pieces, and they seem to get tighter on a daily basis.

Herd Instinct

I have finally finished a draft of my new novel, Herd Instinct. I have no idea how long it took me to procure all 150 plus pages, but it suffices to say, I am glad a draft is done. I will give it a rest for a week or so, and get into a second draft, at which point I am inclined to hand it over to the publisher so we can get on with the editing process.

Finally being done, means that I can get back to the screen play business. I was attempting to be both novelist and screenwriter, but novelist pushed his way in and kind of took over, leaving the screenwriter with the first 30 pages of a new piece called Edgewater. I am eager to get back to that project.

I also have ben told to retool Revolution. My agent said movie, my manager agrees with me and sees it as a TV show. Honestly, I think it would work in either format. I have always thought that a good TV serious is like a movie anyway, just told in a longer, more fragmented way.IT really allows for more in-depth character work. I’ll give you an example: LOST.If you haven’t seen it,get the DVDs and catch up to us loyalists.At any rate: this is what is on tap for me the next few months.

Working on New Things

Time seems to fly by, as again I have not updated the goings on since June. Apologies. The Truth of the Matter, my non-fiction piece is at the editor. I have no clue when it will be released.

I said in my last update that I would be expanding some of the Televisions wing into full-length screenplays. That simply has not happened. I have been thinking about Revolution, a lot. I still see it as a series, and a good one at that. The other project, De Medici, I have no clue. There’s probably both a TV show, and a movie in there somewhere, I just have no clue how to get it out other than the Pilot I’ve already written.

I have been working on new things, a screenplay and a novel. The screenplay is as of now, untitled. I prefer not to go into details, but safe to say that it’s political. The novel is called Herd Instinct, and it is challenging and tuna that the same time. Even though I have written two books, neither was a novel so this is exciting to me.

The Truth of the Matter

I have not updated the site for over a year! This is due to some unfortunate personal issues that have required my attention.

In the meantime, I have finished a book, entitled, The Truth of the Matter. It is a non-fiction piece dealing with the psychology of fear, and how it is manipulated by the government, then promoted through the media. It goes on to cite specific cases where this has happened or is currently happening. It is in the draft stage at the moment and I do not have a release date as of now.

I have been asked, by my agent, to convert two television pieces into features, and will embrace on that endeavor soon. I have mentioned those projects before, Revolution and De Medici.

Between the book and the expansion of two projects, it leaves me little time of rnew ones, although I am researching a new historical piece, for which I have a great title, but not sure if I will take it on as of now.

De Medici

I have finally finished the latest projects. De Medici, the historical piece I have been so secretive about, is a television project. The Pilot episode deals with the rise of Cosimo and the subsequent contributions that the famous Florentine family makes to the Renaissance. Down the Rabbit Hole, is a screenplay, which asks the question, if we were able to get a glimpse onto three separate futures, with different partners, who would we choose? Is there an ideal?

Those two projects, along with Revolution (TV) and Normalcy (Screen), I am embarking with a new agent, who I will announce as soon s everything is finalized. I am currently contemplating my next project. I have a new idea for a novel, but as always, it seems to take a back seat into the real meat of my existence, which is cresting for the bit and small screens.