Keeping the site updated as been a challenge. I am sorry for that and hopefully will have someone help me maintain updates more current than once per year.

There are some new Teaser pages for Theory, which was completely overhauled. This indicates the new opening sequences. I have also decided to add an occasional pitch idea on a limited, trial basis. The one posted is WARBIRDS. Have a read.

SHORT ATTENTION SPAN STORIES the book that was published in 2004 is now unavailable as far as I know and the same may soon be true for WATER ON THE MOON. A new book may be in order soon, dreams of being novelist(or a successful one) have not left the building entirely. Truth be told, novels are a major drain both in time and emotion. Getting a cable series on has been priority one, but it’s been five years since MOON was published so perhaps it is time for another go.

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