News and Events June 2016

Again apologies are in order for those of you who stick with the site hoping for updates.
I went on Amazon, and it seems Short Attention Span Stories is still for sale. I also noticed that someone else wrote a collection by the same moniker, great minds…also somewhat amusing is that there are two other novels called Water on the Moon. Perhaps book titles need to be more carefully considered?

The next book is called CSD(City-State Dark) and so far no one that lists on Amazon
has taken that yet, maybe as soon as I publish…

If the name CSD sounds familiar, it should. It was an allegory written as a television
series and follows two sides of a war for the not so distant future, water challenged island of Manhattan run by a bunch of manipulative pricks who have made the city onto a City-State. Naturally there is a rag tag bunch of characters who fight the system. CSD is still in its first incarnation, although hopefully the first draft will be completed post haste.

One project that is still active is THEORY which is a television pilot. There are some
teaser pages on the site that include the cold open. Have a read if you like.

Once again we will try to update more often or when time allows. Thanks again for the
interest in the site and the work it promotes.

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