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There is a cogent draft of CSD that is being prepped for publishing. It will be released under the Machiavelli banner. It was new writing experience, well at least different for Water on the Moon. CSD is much heavier in subject matter, and when I think about all the allegory it weighs on me more than the yarn type story telling in Water.

I don’t know exactly when the release date is, but I am hoping for later this year. The rewriting process can be lengthy as one works and can lose track of the material. It was so interesting to create around the original architecture that existed when CSD was in TV series form. That said, I think it plays visually and I cannot wait for people to read it and weigh in.

I have decided for now that writing novels is what I will be focusing on for the foreseeable future. Circumstances make that the most viable choice at the moment, but I do harbor hopes of getting some material on TV, it is such a magnificent palate these days.

That is it for now. Thank you for your interest in Machiavelli Productions.


APRIL 2017

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