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As I had hoped the latest CARLOS novel SNAP, now called 404, has a completed draft.  It’s a shorter, lighter book than CSD I have returned in a small way to my surrealist roots with a side order of existentialism in there for good measure.  404 will be published under the Machiavelli banner.  My guess is that it will drop late Spring or early Summer.

For anyone that bought an early copy of CSD there is a second edition now.  I found a lot of things I was’t happy with ergo the update.  I think it is a much tighter version.

Here is the tentative back cover blurb: Luke Shepard is at a crossroads.  He is questioning his life choices to date, and wondering where it all leads.  Shep’s days are becoming monotonous, working as a personal trainer has served it’s purpose, but has it run it’s course?  To top that off, Luke is a serial dater, never lasting too long with any one woman.  He is having a true existential crisis.  He has lived in the same town his whole life, and although he has his family and two best friends as ballast, he still is questioning his plot course.

Shep jumps feet first down the rabbit hole when life tosses him a relentless diet of curveballs.  Luke’s journey veers way off the beaten path, as he struggles to find his meaning and purpose to life.

404 is an existential, surrealist tale.

That is all I have for now, although I am thinking about writing a stage play.  The idea is marinating in my mind.

CARLOS Jan 2018

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