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Apologies for not updating more regularly, but better late than never.  I am working on a new book, similar to CSD, THEORY is a piece that was born out of a spec television pilot.  The project is a love story at it’s heart, but it’s also a battle between struggling entities, perhaps a metaphor for internal struggles that we all experience as we walk through life.  The work is going slower than I would hope for, but I am hoping to have a completed draft in a few months.

In the mean time, I do periodic giveaways of 404 and CSD on the Goodreads site.  It’s a great community for readers if you haven’t experienced it.

The other project that was completed the last year was a screenplay called RIVER of DOUBT.  It is the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s last great adventure after he lost a bid to regain the Presidency.  It is a wild tale, and all true.

I will try and keep up more frequently for those who are interested.

MARCH 2019

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